About Our Agency

For over six years the MORBiZ team has been passionately dedicated to our mission of helping local businesses thrive. Our team of experts come from all walks and professional backgrounds and our company focus has been to help our clients prosper in the fast-paced business world of today by offering affordable technology solutions.  Being found on mobile devices, on the web, and staying on the cutting edge of technology is a challenge many small businesses face, but it’s a challenge for which we have developed a winning formula. The ever increasing dominance of big business marketing and advertising on the Internet and in mobile fields has left local shops and services bewildered as to how to compete.
This is where MORBiZ comes in to help you not only compete, but to excel in your local market. We have years of experience in developing a system that works. We pay attention to the details and don’t take shortcuts in building successful web presence campaigns. We also offer affordable Mobile App programs that give you the competitive edge to encourage engagement and closer relationships with your most precious asset, your customers. Our blogs and social media posts insure that you are the perceived as the local expert in your field, and our Internet Directory Clean-up Service ensures your online business listings are consistent in multiple resources, which creates confidence and credibility for you and your business.

Our Commitment

The powerful business presence and online marketing tools offered by MORBiZ are very cost effective. While you’re busy running your local business, you can be confident your MORBiZ complete web presence campaign is working to bring more customers to your door. With powerful search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click search marketing (PPC), social media (Facebook and Google +), mobile advertising, Google maps,online directories, video marketing and other cutting edge technologies, we are committed to help keep the phone ringing and your profits increasing.
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