Three Ways to Achieve Hyper-Local Web Presence for SMBs

  • By Jay Gilbert
  • 31 Jul, 2017

While billboards and newspaper ads will catch an eye here and there, if your business in not online - correction, if your business’ online presence isn’t strong, you will miss out on customers. Today nearly everyone searches for local products and services online, and as much as 50 percent of those people will visit a physical store or office they find on the web within one day. That’s some quick turnaround, but it is should come as no surprise when dealing with the now generation. So while you may have signed up for a groovy website in the dot com era, chances are it hasn’t been pulling its weight for ages. To make sure you business is easily found online you need to invest in hyper-local content and optimization. Utilizing a professional web marketing agency will likely be in your best interest, especially if the the following sounds like alphabet soup. Without further introduction, here are three keys to hyper-local online success.

Excellent onsite SEO

Not only do you need a website, you need a good website. What does that mean? A good, no great, website is one that is easy to navigate, responsive to screen size and enhanced with a localized search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. SEO entails using quality keywords in the visible text, names of photographs and images, in the titles, page names, and tags on any given website. Since Google and other search engines scour over all aspects of a page when seeking the best results for a search query your site needs to cover all its bases, in front of and behind the scenes.

Targeted Adwords Campaign

Google AdWords is a powerful paid advertising tool that will help to all but guarantee your business will show up at the top of search results, when it is properly managed that is. AdWords allows you to target very certain areas for your ads to appear in, from a whole state, to a county, city, small town or even a single neighborhood.

Connect with Social Media

Regular communication with your current, past and potential client base is a great way to get people to come back or give you a try for the first time. A healthy social media presence includes regular posts that with helpful information about your products and services. You can also respond directly to your customers’ questions, comments and concerns. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages also provide a platform to distribute searchable material that can show up in Google search results. What you share and how it is typed is critical to it being relevant to search engines.

It’s called the World Wide Web, but it is an amazing tool to connect locally. If you want to enhance your business’ local web presence reach out to our highly experienced team at MORBiZ. We offer numerous tools to help your business grow online and off. Give us a call at

1-855-266-7249 and let’s put your business on the fast track to online success.

The Importance of Google+ Page Management

By Jay Gilbert 30 Dec, 2017

We all use mobile apps on our smartphones and tablets every single day. We use them to stay in touch with friends. We use them to play games and get the news. We use them for directions and we use them to find dates. But does your small business offer an app to its customers that can allow them to stay connected, save money and more? Many small businesses have strayed away from offering an app, fearing the cost of development. While cost may have been an issue in the past, new build out strategies allow for fast and beautiful app creation for all types of businesses, including yours. Small business custom mobile apps can include a number of great features, including the following.

Loyalty Rewards

If you want to keep your customers coming back time and time again be sure to utilize a loyalty rewards system that is available through your mobile app. A popular way to do this is electronic stamp card that once filled out offers a free or discounted service or product.

Scratch Cards

Keep your clients entertained and hoping for discounts by giving them a one time or recurring electronic scratch card. Their card could reveal big savings!

Referral Programs

If one of your customers refers another to your business you can now say thank you through a referral program that can be designed to fit your needs. This often provides a discount or free service to the referral source.

One Click Appointment Scheduling

Making appointments shouldn’t be difficult. An app can allows clients to schedule an appointment without hassle.

Estimate Requests

Many people want to know how much a product or service will cost before committing to coming into the place of business to receive it. An estimate request allows your clients to send detailed information about their needs and you can reply in kind through the app or via email.

MORBiZ offers high quality custom mobile apps for small and medium sized businesses that are designed to keep customers engaged. These simple to use custom mobile apps will ensure you’re always just a click away. With push notifications you can remind your customers of sales, special events and other information that is relevant to their needs, just as if you’re sending a text. If you would like to build a custom mobile app for business call MORBiZ at 1-855-266-7249 to get started today.

By Jay Gilbert 30 Dec, 2017

By definition, web presence is the location on the World Wide Web where a person, business or other entity is represented. There can be, and often are, multiple online venues in which a person or business can be found, thus increasing their web presence. For your business, it is important that you can be found all over the web, and that the information shared at each of those places is accurate. Accurate and wide reaching web presence can help drive business, even if your primary services are conducted offline. Let’s look at six of the most important aspects of commercial web presence.


The first, and often the most critical, aspect of web presence is the business’ website. The website needs to be written in a manner that will ensure people are able to find it when searching for the goods or services you provide through search engines. Not only does this include the readable text, but the tags and meta data of the website as well. This culminates in a site rich in search engine optimization (SEO) that is also reader friendly.


Another component of your web presence, which is often integrated into the website, is a blog. A blog ensures that there is constantly fresh material being loaded onto the site. This in turn keeps the site properly indexed in search engines, helping to boost search results.

Paid Search Advertising

Utilizing paid advertising for search results, such as Google AdWords, is a surefire way to keep your business listed at the top of results. It is important that AdWords campaigns are managed by someone highly trained in the platform, so you do not waste any time or money.

Video Marketing

The use of video is key in capturing additional SEO as well as allowing your business to be found in non-traditional mediums. Video, which can be surprisingly inexpensive, is great for distributing through multiple video sites, including YouTube. Websites that have relevant videos on their homepage that are hosted on YouTube are much more likely to show up near the top of search results than sites that don’t.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are three sites your business needs to be active on if you want to maximize your web presence. Social media posts are a great way to stay connected with current, future and past clients. Additionally, the posts and pages themselves can be indexed and found in search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.

Online Directory Listings

Your business needs to claim and maintain the many online profiles set up for it automatically by sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List and others. What is very important about your business’ listings on these sites is having coherent and accurate information across them all regarding your phone number, business name, address and so forth. Inaccuracies could hurt your business’ placement in search results. A directory cleanup service can be used to make sure all information is correct.

Web presence is highly important for all businesses, even those that don’t do any deals on the web. If you’re looking to drive business by building your web presence don’t hesitate to contact the Internet marketing professionals at MORBiZ. We utilize all of the above methods and others to ensure that your business is easily found by the clients and customers. Give us a call at 1-855-2MORBiZ ( 1-855-266-7249 ) to learn more or to boost your web presence today.

By Jay Gilbert 01 Dec, 2017

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like offer a free platform for you to advertise your business online. Free is good, right? Absolutely! If you haven’t yet signed your business up for these social media sites, there is no time like the present. But, why, you ask, does my offline business need even more online presence? The answer, quite simply, is to drive business. That is the goal after all, isn’t it? A website is a great starting point for any brick and mortar product or service provider, but it’s not the only outlet you need to focus on. Social media offers several unique opportunities that are otherwise unavailable through more traditional online websites. Here are four reasons you need social media for your business.

Connect with Customers

It’s called social media for a reason, because it is where you get to be social with people who like and follow your brand. These platforms are places where people come to engage with you and your business, ask questions, get information, learn about what you do and so much more. The best part? You can interact with these customers directly to give them the info they’re looking for.

Receive and Respond to Reviews

Facebook and Google+, along with other social sites, offer consumers the opportunity to rank their experiences. On these sites you can read and respond to customers with comments, complaints or questions. It is important to respond to reviewers, both good and bad, to let them know you hear them.

Enhanced SEO

Signing up for social media sites is a great way to build your business’ overall web presence. The more places you can be found online, the better, right? Right. Social media sites will show up in search results from Google and other top search engines, helping potential customers find your goods and services.

Build a Sense of Community

As your social media following grows it allows you to build a community around your brand. You can become the local expert in your field, provide insightful information about what you do, or just share cute cat videos that are sure to get a few thumbs up. People will come to your page for laughs, for answers and to initiate a transaction.

Social media can be daunting for small business owners who already have enough on their plates. If you’re interested in growing your web presence, including your social media standing, reach out to the team of Internet marketing professionals at MORBiZ. We can work with you to achieve your web presence goals. To learn more about social media marketing give us a call at 1-855-2MORBiZ . We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can be of service.

By Jay Gilbert 01 Dec, 2017

You do business in a building, not on the web, so why does it matter what Joe B. from Anywhere, USA has to say about your company? Well, it matters a lot. Online reviews, especially on sites like Yelp and other listing directories, are where many people find the products and services they use everyday, you know, offline. While you can’t necessarily prevent bad reviews from being written, aside from providing a great customer experience to everyone who visits your shop, you can take action on reviews written by reaching out to distressed and impressed consumers.

Your actions online and off can have a big impact on your business because search engines such as Google use review information to assist in their search rankings for local results. In general terms, the better your reviews, the more business you will get. However, it is slightly more technical than that. Here are three ways online reviews impact your business.

Search Engine Ranking

When people search within Yelp or other review sites the businesses with the highest reviews tend to come up first. This is also true on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, as they factor in these scores as well. Review scores account for up to 10 percent of the search ranking algorithm for Google.

Clicks to Website

A business with highly regarded reviews and star rankings are much more likely to get clicks to their direct website than those with none or poor reviews. The more clicks you get to your website the better chance you have of converting those people into customers, rather than just looky-loo passerbys.

Purchasing Decisions

Real input from real people is an incredibly powerful selling tool for businesses. The reviews received will viewed by thousands of potential customers, all seeking the most accurate information about your services.

It is important that you monitor online reviews listed for your business, and respond in kind to those with questions, comments or concerns. Another aspect of review sites is the physical information that they provid about your business, including the name, phone number and address, as well as logos and pictures. If this information is inaccurate you could receive negative reviews for a business that isn’t even yours! Utilizing an online directory clean up service will help alleviate this issue, by ensuring all info is correct, which will also boost search rankings and click throughs. To learn more about the benefits of online reviews and directory clean up services reach out to the Internet marketing experts at MORBiZ. We would be happy to chat with you about your web presence goals. Give us a call at 1-855-2MORBiZ to get started today!

By Jay Gilbert 29 Oct, 2017

Just because you don’t sell anything online doesn’t mean that your business doesn’t need to have an online presence. No matter what sort of company you operate, from a hair salon to an auto repair shop, and everything in between, it needs to have a strong web presence if you want it to remain successful in today’s day and age. People utilize search engines such as Google to find the products and services they need everyday, and if your business isn’t coming up in search results, you’re losing customers. The following are four tools that your business needs to remain viable.


The most important element of web presence is a business website. Without a website you’ll struggle to exist online, and off. A well designed, SEO’d (search engine optimized) website is going to show up in search results, provide a destination for targeted PPC (pay-per-click) ads, such as Google AdWords, and ultimately be a place where new, old and potential customers can learn about your business, make appointments or place orders and learn how they can get in touch with you offline.


To keep your website relevant it should be regularly updated. A wonderful way of keeping your site’s content fresh, which helps its ranking in search results, and provide your customers with valuable information is to have a blog. You can confirm your authority in your trade in your community by offering expert advice, tips and other info to customers that will keep them coming back for more time and time again.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and a myriad of other sites offer ways to connect with your customers quickly and effectively. By maintaining a social media presence you can regularly interact with new, potential and returning customers. It is on these platforms you will be able to address concerns, offer promotions and a share valuable content, all in real time and in the public sphere. As you grow your social media presence you can be sure the number of customers walking through the door will increase as well.

Mobile App

More than half of all online browsing is done on mobile, and much of it via an app. Building a custom mobile app for your small business is a great way to engage with your customers. A mobile app can allow clients to make appointments, get directions, earn loyalty rewards, make referrals, leave reviews and so much more. It’s surprisingly affordable to have a custom app built for your business.

You shouldn’t be scared of getting your feet wet when it comes to building a web presence, but to ensure it is done quickly and done right, it’s never a bad idea to enlist a team of Internet marketing experts. At MORBiZ, we take great pride in our ability to foster and grow web presence for SMBs businesses across North America. We’ll work with you step by step to develop an online plan that fits your business’ needs from the website to the custom mobile app . Give the team at MORBiZ a call at 1-855-2MORBiZ to learn more about our online marketing and web presence services.

By Jay Gilbert 29 Oct, 2017

Whether you know it or not, your business exists in directories all over the Internet on sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List and Yellow Pages. On the surface this is great, as these listings provide multiple ways for your business to be found, alongside your website. Unfortunately, many business profiles on these sites are setup automatically and may not contain accurate information about your business. If the phone number, address, services and even business name is inconsistent across these search directories it can hinder your business’ search ranking, which translates to less customers. Fortunately, an Internet directory clean up service can be used to reverse and prevent any possible damage to your web presence done by these automated listings.

Claim & Edit Existing Listings

When a web technician tackles the huge list of Internet directories that may include your business the most important thing that they will do is ensure that your business’ information is properly displayed. Accuracy is key to boosting your web presence and preventing the chance of customers not seeing your business in a search. The technician will manually claim any existing listings in order to check and correct your business’ phone number, address, email address and business name. When possible, the technician will also add or revise any business description to ensure that it properly articulates what products and services your business offers. Aside from ensuring all contact information and business descriptions are correct the technician will also upload your current logo and other photos when appropriate.

Create New Listings

For ultimate results, the web presence directory clean up technician will create new listings on any directories in which your business is not currently listed. The more places your business is found with proper information, the better for your overall search ranking. When completing a new listing on any web directory the technician will take great care to ensure it accurately represents your business in terms of contact info and an explanation of products and services. They will of course add any visuals to complete the listing.

It can be extremely time consuming to correct improper business listings found throughout the Internet. By using MORBiZ’s Internet Directory Clean Up Service you won’t have to spend your days behind a keyboard seeking out false info, you can leave that to us. Our Web directly clean up service is the quickest, most affordable way to enhance your business’ search ranking. To learn more about directory clean up , or any of our other web marketing services, call 1-855-2MORBiZ to speak with a friendly representative today!

By Jay Gilbert 30 Sep, 2017

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is probably a term you’ve heard a lot when talking about Internet marketing, but have you put it fully into practice? The goal of SEO, which primarily includes free tactics, but paid options are a great addition, is to get your business to show up on the first page of Google or other search engine query results. Since people rarely move past the first page of results, showing up in the first bunch is the best way to ensure people find your business when looking for the services you provide in the area that you provide them. To boost your web presence make sure that your business is utilizing these SEO practices.

Optimized Website

The most important thing that you can do in your SEO campaign is ensure that your website is fully optimized. Not only does this mean having copy that is written using terms that will help your business appear during online searches, but also using proper tags behind the scenes, as well as utilizing a responsive layout. To keep your website at the top of search results it is also important that it is regularly updated.

  • Fresh Content - Fresh content, as in, new additions to the website, should be added regularly so that the site is continuously indexed by Google. Your fresh content could come from a tool such as a blog.

Social Media

Using social media is a perfect way to grow your web presence organically. While there are paid options for promoting content on Facebook, Twitter and the like, simply existing and being active on these networks provides another place for your business to be found. As your followers grow, so will traffic to your website, which can often be directed by sharing links to your company’s blog.

Video Marketing

If you’re not using video marketing for your small business, you’re missing out. Now, this doesn’t mean buying a TV ad spot or spending thousands of dollars on expensive equipment and actors! A video can be created quite inexpensively to accurately reflect your business’ offerings, goals and achievements. This video can be hosted on YouTube, displayed on your website and distributed through a variety of channels, all helping to boost SEO. Relevant video search results always display above standard text results in search engine queries, giving you yet another upper hand.

AdWords Campaign

One way to ensure that your business is listed above all others is by using a pay-per-click Google AdWords campaign. This type of campaign utilizes keywords based off your business’ provided services that, when searched for, will boost your site to the top of the search results. It is an affordable method of making sure your business is found. To maximize efficiency and proper ad spend it is crucial that this type of campaign is handled by a professional online marketing and AdWords specialist.

In reality, these tactics can help boost your web presence, but it doesn’t come without time and effort. To strengthen your web presence without wasting time or money it is best to use a team of web marketing experts , which will allow you to run your business, while they bring you new and return customers day in and day out. If you’re interested in utilizing the above tactics, or a number of others that are sure to increase your web presence, you need to contact the Internet marketing pros at MORBiZ. We offer multiple solutions that drive business on and off the web. To learn more about our services or to request a free consultation don’t hesitate to give MORBiZ a call at 1-855-266-7249.

By Jay Gilbert 30 Sep, 2017

If you ask ten people what app, which is short for application, they use on their phone the most or which is their favorite, you will likely get ten different responses. However, if you ask those people WHY they use those apps, you start to find some similarity in their answers. For many people they use them to stay connected with friends and family via communication or social apps, for some it’s shopping apps that help them save money, yet others may even say they use apps to find love. The point is, people use lots of apps, for lots of different things everyday, and your business can benefit from the app craze.

I thought apps were just for games?

A common misconception about apps is that they are just games. Frankly, just about anything you do on your phone uses an app. Yes, games are also apps, but apps are also how you message people, how you go online, how you get directions, how you order many items, including pizza. Apps are what maximizes your phone’s capabilities.

What does a small business app offer?

A small business can greatly benefit from an app, even if it is a service based, brick and mortar operation. At its base, a small business app will help you stay in touch with current, past and potential customers.

  • Instant Contact - Your app will provide an easy means of communication for your customers. Once they download the app they will be able to call or otherwise contact your business at the touch of a button.

  • Loyalty Programs - Many apps offer loyalty and referral reward programs. This provides incentive to customers to return to your business again and again, all while telling their friends and family about your awesome services.

  • Push Notifications - If you want to advertise a special event, sale or other promotion, a push notification can be sent to all of the users of your app, informing them about this unique opportunity.

A custom mobile app is a great way for any small business to stay in touch with customers while growing their client base. To learn more about how a custom mobile app for small business can help boost your bottom line reach out to the professional small business marketing team at MORBiZ. We offer a large number of solutions that help SMB owners extend their reach on a daily basis. We’d love to provide you with a a free consultation about the use of apps, websites, video or other tools that can help grow your business! Call MORBiZ at 1-855-2MORBIZ to get started today!

By Jay Gilbert 01 Sep, 2017

In order to stay relevant in the ever changing world of online marketing there is one tool that is sure to remain important for years and years: a blog. This may seem like an inconvenient way to connect with customers looking for your particular service or product, especially if you operate a brick and mortar business. But, as you're probably well aware, people have turned to the Internet to find everything from auto repair and landscaping to doctors and legal services. A blog on your website offers several benefits that a stagnant website doesn't.

Increase Organic SEO

By adding a blog to your website, or creating a new website with a blog situated on the front page, you'll have a platform for constant new content to be created. Since all of the major search engines regularly seek fresh content to include in their search results, your new blogs are likely to be indexed and come up in search results when people seek related services or products, as long as proper keywording is used.

Become a Local Business Leader

Your blog can be used to establish your business as a local leader in your industry. You can offer advice, tips and other valuable information through your blog that your friends, neighbors and other people in your community will read. This information helps them learn about your business, trust your business and hopefully, inspire them to use your business.

Connect with Customers

As your blog becomes a local staple it will become a place that people will regularly visit to get information they want and need regarding your products and services. Through your blog you will also get to establish a voice and personality for your business, making you more relatable to new, potential and current customers.

Creates a Sharing Opportunity

Your blog posts are also great for sharing on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This can be extremely valuable to your web presence, as a blog post that provides great info may be read by hundreds or thousands of people in your community as it is shared time and time again. This type of exposure can drive business to levels you thought were impossible to reach!

Blogging does take time, however, which is something many local business owners don't have a lot of. That doesn't mean you can't still have a blog for your website. When you work with MORBiZ to establish your local web presence we will create and maintain a blog on a custom website that is designed specifically to drive traffic to your business. To learn more about our outstanding hyper-local web marketing services call MORBiZ at 1-855-266-7249 or send us an email . Let's get started on your blog today!

By Jay Gilbert 01 Sep, 2017

Here is a statistic that is sure to wow you; nearly 50 percent of mobile web traffic is spent watching online video. While a lot of that can be attributed to sports bloopers and cute kitties, a significant portion of video watching is done by people seeking products and services from local businesses. In the era of need it now, video marketing for your small business is more important than ever. While you may do a wonderful job of presenting your business through text on your website, chances are, few people will spend time to read through it completely. A video, on the other hand, posted on the front page of your site and elsewhere on the web, is going to be an attention grabber that will reel in new customers.

One reason many small businesses sway away from video is because of the misconception that video is expensive. This just isn't the case! Video doesn't require production teams and fancy editing that costs an arm and a leg. In fact, video, doesn't have to be video at all, or at least as you think of a moving picture. The ultimate goal is to provide a short, detailed look at your business using quality imagery, a great voice over and a strong message for customers. This can be done at a very affordable price, when you work with an online marketing agency that understands this as well! So, what are the specific reasons your small business needs online video marketing?

Increase Search Ranking

When somebody conducts an online search in Google, any relatable video results will show up at the top of the search query. Not only will the video show up on its own (which should link back to your site if it is hosted on a platform such as YouTube) but a website with a video on it is more than 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google search results.

More Time Spent on Your Website

People often spend less than one minute browsing a website before leaving or making a decision about using the products or services offered. Studies have shown that when people visit sites with a video they are likely to spend up to two minutes longer on the site.

Strengthen Purchase Decisions

Your video should provide potential customers with some insight into what your business does, how it does it, and who you and your staff are personally. The additional information that a video offers will help people make a decision about using your business services, often in a positive manner.

Do not underestimate the power of video! If you want to take your online marketing to the next level be sure to contact MORBiZ and ask about our extensive video marketing services . We can create a video, distribute it and host it on your website, giving you all the tools your need to drive customers. To learn more about online video marketing from MORBiZ call our friendly team today at 1-855-266-7249 or send us an email . We look forward to helping you with your web presence goals.

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