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Welcome to MORBiZ, A Google Certified Partner.  One of the Nations leading providers  of
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Using the latest technology, proven techniques, quality content and in depth research, we offer high value, hyper-local Internet marketing and custom mobile app solutions.

MORBiZ is a Google Certified, full service internet marketing company that delivers customers to local small and medium sized businesses. We launch custom online marketing campaigns that mix the best mobile and web-based tools available today including lead generating responsive websites, pay-per-click advertising, local *SEO, social media integration, video marketing and a variety of other outstanding products.

As a Google Qualified Partner, we have have passed certifications in Google Adwords, mobile advertising,
display advertising and Google analytics. As a result we have direct access to Google training and support
and can help improve your overall web and mobile presence.

Partnering with MORBiZ is Partnering for Success.

The Google Partner badge shows that we’ve demonstrated advanced knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products that help us deliver results and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

*Note that SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google.

Monthly News Articles

The Importance of Google+ Page Management

By Jay Gilbert 01 Dec, 2017

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like offer a free platform for you to advertise your business online. Free is good, right? Absolutely! If you haven’t yet signed your business up for these social media sites, there is no time like the present. But, why, you ask, does my offline business need even more online presence? The answer, quite simply, is to drive business. That is the goal after all, isn’t it? A website is a great starting point for any brick and mortar product or service provider, but it’s not the only outlet you need to focus on. Social media offers several unique opportunities that are otherwise unavailable through more traditional online websites. Here are four reasons you need social media for your business.

Connect with Customers

It’s called social media for a reason, because it is where you get to be social with people who like and follow your brand. These platforms are places where people come to engage with you and your business, ask questions, get information, learn about what you do and so much more. The best part? You can interact with these customers directly to give them the info they’re looking for.

Receive and Respond to Reviews

Facebook and Google+, along with other social sites, offer consumers the opportunity to rank their experiences. On these sites you can read and respond to customers with comments, complaints or questions. It is important to respond to reviewers, both good and bad, to let them know you hear them.

Enhanced SEO

Signing up for social media sites is a great way to build your business’ overall web presence. The more places you can be found online, the better, right? Right. Social media sites will show up in search results from Google and other top search engines, helping potential customers find your goods and services.

Build a Sense of Community

As your social media following grows it allows you to build a community around your brand. You can become the local expert in your field, provide insightful information about what you do, or just share cute cat videos that are sure to get a few thumbs up. People will come to your page for laughs, for answers and to initiate a transaction.

Social media can be daunting for small business owners who already have enough on their plates. If you’re interested in growing your web presence, including your social media standing, reach out to the team of Internet marketing professionals at MORBiZ. We can work with you to achieve your web presence goals. To learn more about social media marketing give us a call at 1-855-2MORBiZ . We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can be of service.

By Jay Gilbert 01 Dec, 2017

You do business in a building, not on the web, so why does it matter what Joe B. from Anywhere, USA has to say about your company? Well, it matters a lot. Online reviews, especially on sites like Yelp and other listing directories, are where many people find the products and services they use everyday, you know, offline. While you can’t necessarily prevent bad reviews from being written, aside from providing a great customer experience to everyone who visits your shop, you can take action on reviews written by reaching out to distressed and impressed consumers.

Your actions online and off can have a big impact on your business because search engines such as Google use review information to assist in their search rankings for local results. In general terms, the better your reviews, the more business you will get. However, it is slightly more technical than that. Here are three ways online reviews impact your business.

Search Engine Ranking

When people search within Yelp or other review sites the businesses with the highest reviews tend to come up first. This is also true on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, as they factor in these scores as well. Review scores account for up to 10 percent of the search ranking algorithm for Google.

Clicks to Website

A business with highly regarded reviews and star rankings are much more likely to get clicks to their direct website than those with none or poor reviews. The more clicks you get to your website the better chance you have of converting those people into customers, rather than just looky-loo passerbys.

Purchasing Decisions

Real input from real people is an incredibly powerful selling tool for businesses. The reviews received will viewed by thousands of potential customers, all seeking the most accurate information about your services.

It is important that you monitor online reviews listed for your business, and respond in kind to those with questions, comments or concerns. Another aspect of review sites is the physical information that they provid about your business, including the name, phone number and address, as well as logos and pictures. If this information is inaccurate you could receive negative reviews for a business that isn’t even yours! Utilizing an online directory clean up service will help alleviate this issue, by ensuring all info is correct, which will also boost search rankings and click throughs. To learn more about the benefits of online reviews and directory clean up services reach out to the Internet marketing experts at MORBiZ. We would be happy to chat with you about your web presence goals. Give us a call at 1-855-2MORBiZ to get started today!

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