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Welcome to MORBiZ, A Google Certified Partner.  One of the Nations leading providers  of
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Using the latest technology, proven techniques, quality content and in depth research, we offer high value, hyper-local Internet marketing and custom mobile app solutions.

MORBiZ is a Google Certified, full service internet marketing company that delivers customers to local small and medium sized businesses. We launch custom online marketing campaigns that mix the best mobile and web-based tools available today including lead generating responsive websites, pay-per-click advertising, local *SEO, social media integration, video marketing and a variety of other outstanding products.

As a Google Qualified Partner, we have have passed certifications in Google Adwords, mobile advertising,
display advertising and Google analytics. As a result we have direct access to Google training and support
and can help improve your overall web and mobile presence.

Partnering with MORBiZ is Partnering for Success.

The Google Partner badge shows that we’ve demonstrated advanced knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products that help us deliver results and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

*Note that SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google.

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The Importance of Google+ Page Management

By jayg 30 May, 2017

You bought the domain name, wrote some content and launched your site, but have you ever thought, “What is my website doing for my business?” after you went live? Even if your website is beautiful and informative, it isn't going to necessarily help you build your customer base without consistent time and energy. In addition to your current website, or in substitution of it, consider a marketing driven site, as the focus offers so much more than a general build. It's obvious that you want to increase sales, so here's how a marketing website can do that for your small or medium sized business.

Integrated Adwords Campaigns

One of the most important aspects of online marketing in our digital age is taking advantage of Google adwords. Running a market drive website with connected to a Google adwords campaign is going to land you at the top of search results in advertised spots, as well as organic listings.

Set Marketing Budget

When enlisting the help of a hyper local web advertising company you can identify exactly what your monthly or weekly budget will be, ensuring to extra costs. When your campaign is ran by a certified adwords professional you won't have to worry about overspending and you can rest assured you'll be getting great results.

Enhanced SEO

Being found in organic search results is incredibly important. A marketing website will have content crafted by a professional writer who will ensure the most favored search terms are included regularly throughout your site, driving your business to the top of search results. During the website build all metadata and tags will be appropriately cared for, providing even better opportunity to be found. By adding links to social media channels and other outside domains, your current and potential customers will find you without difficulty thanks to your enhanced web presence.

Responsive Website Design

More than half of all web searches are done on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, but if your website doesn't fit your customers' screens, they're going to look somewhere else. A marketing website is built to be responsive, meaning it adapts to any screen size for the ultimate user experience. A custom mobile app could also be included in your marketing website package, taking your efforts one step further.

Consistent, New Content

A marketing website built and hosted by an online marketing specialist will receive regular content updates, often through a blog. This keeps your website fresh, giving Google and other search engines reason to continuously index your site, making sure it's being found. The fresh content will also be shared on your social channels, driving customers directly to your site with fun, informative information.

Your website should be a tool that drives business to your storefront, not something that seems to be a hassle. To learn more about building a marketing website reach out to the friendly professionals at MORBiZ. We offer many solutions to increase your web presence and grow your bottom line through online marketing . Give us a call at 1-855-2MORBIZ to request a free web and mobile business presence evaluation, and we'll figure out which tools are right for your needs.

By jayg 30 May, 2017

Paid online advertising works great, when it is properly managed. The most common form of Internet advertising is pay-per-click, which only costs the business when ads displayed in search results from Google and related sites are clicked on. Seems like a great deal, doesn't it? Well, It can cost your business a whole lot more than a missed sale if the campaigns are setup incorrectly, as there are variables including bidding costs for ads to display, keywords and more. Google adwords is a monstrous tool, used by all types of businesses, big and small, around the world to drive traffic to their websites. No matter your location, or your business type, you'll want an adwords professional at the keyboard when it comes to your PPC campaigns in order to minimize advertising waste. Here are six ways a well managed adwords campaign will save advertising money.

Identifying the Right Keywords & Keyword Types

When it comes to adwords, creativity isn't necessarily king. Adwords offers a limited space in order to get a sales pitch across, and those few words needs to offer the information necessary to get a user to click on your ad. An adwords pro will have access to unique tools that will help identify the most searched for terms surrounding your business' products and services, in relation to your city or neighborhood. While the right keywords are incredibly important so are keyword types, in Google this includes broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match and exact match. How you advertise will affect how well your ads do in terms of impressions, clicks and conversions. Figuring out which type of keyword to use is best left to a pro, or your clicks could skyrocket, which cost money, but minimal, if any, conversions will follow.

In addition to figuring out which keywords are best for attracting customers, you'll need to identify the negative keywords that shouldn't be displayed with your ads to prevent unwanted spend. Not using the negative keyword function can cost a business hundreds of dollars or more per month. In one campaign a business was able to reduce the cost per click (CPC) by 25% by utilizing negative keywords.

Optimizing Quality Scores

Every ad created in Google AdWords is given a quality score of one to ten. Ads that receive higher scores will generally appear more often and have a lower CPC. There are numerous things that affect an ad's quality score, including ad copy relevance, keyword relevance, click-thru rate, historical performance and more. The goal is to raise the quality score of all your ads, so they will be more effective. A seasoned adwords expert can do this by completing a number of complicated processes, such as split testing, landing page optimization and keyword matching.

Ad Testing & Revising

The thing about adwords is that it can be changed at any given time in order to keep up with current marketing practices, popular keywords and more. Of course, even if you're just getting started you would want to create superior ads right off the bat. By creating multiple ads that use different headlines and phrasing and monitoring their success, an adwords expert can effectively pinpoint what works and what doesn't for your business.

Adwords Location Targeting

Online advertising is not just for Internet based retailers. If you run a brick and mortar business your ultimate mission is to get people through the door, and an adwords campaign can absolutely do that. Through a combination of geo targeting, landing page optimization and analytical review an adwords pro can eliminate clicks from out of your service area and drive business right to your front door.

Advertising Budgeting

Chances are, if you're reading this you are looking for ways to more effectively manage your advertising budget. When improperly set up or left unmonitored for an extended period of time an adwords campaign you thought was costing you $3 per day may end up costing you $20 per day or more. While there are spending cap options, this isn't always the most effective way to budget your advertising dollars. A properly managed adword campaign, which includes setting conservative advertising bids, can remain well within your budget and produce an outstanding ROI.

Decreases Offline Advertising Needs

Let's face it, phone books, radio and TV spots, billboards, newspaper ads and so on and so forth are quickly falling by the wayside. When somebody wants something, they turn to Google. Launching a successful adwords campaign could increase your sales in such a way you'll likely be able to eliminate many outdated advertising practices that have a much smaller ROI, if it has any at all.

Excellent Google AdWords campaign management is your golden ticket to reduce advertising waste. MORBiZ, a Google Certified Partner, provides high quality adwords campaign management as a part of their all inclusive web presence campaigns for local businesses throughout the country. Using tailored marketing solutions to fit your business' needs, MORBiZ drives customers right to your front door. Give MORBiZ a call at 1-855-2MORBIZ for a free web and mobile business presence evaluation and to learn more about how we can help you save money on advertising costs.

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