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Welcome to MORBiZ, A Google Certified Partner.  One of the Nations leading providers  of
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Using the latest technology, proven techniques, quality content and in depth research, we offer high value, hyper-local Internet marketing and custom mobile app solutions.

MORBiZ is a Google Certified, full service internet marketing company that delivers customers to local small and medium sized businesses. We launch custom online marketing campaigns that mix the best mobile and web-based tools available today including lead generating responsive websites, pay-per-click advertising, local *SEO, social media integration, video marketing and a variety of other outstanding products.

As a Google Qualified Partner, we have have passed certifications in Google Adwords, mobile advertising,
display advertising and Google analytics. As a result we have direct access to Google training and support
and can help improve your overall web and mobile presence.

Partnering with MORBiZ is Partnering for Success.

The Google Partner badge shows that we’ve demonstrated advanced knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products that help us deliver results and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

*Note that SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google.

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The Importance of Google+ Page Management

By jayg 31 Jul, 2017

Your business takes place in the real world, but whether you’re in a garage, in the field or in the office, if you’re not taking advantage of these web presence tools your sales are missing out. Since nearly half of all searches for local goods and services that take place on Google result in a person actually visiting a brick and mortar location it is easy to understand why you need to build and maintain your online identity. Simply being online isn’t enough though. A basic website won’t get you the hits that will increase your bottom line, but when paired with the following web presence tactics, you’re sure to see an increase in traffic, online and off.

Optimized Business Website

First and foremost you need a highly optimized website. Search engine optimization (SEO) for your website will assist with its organic presence on the Internet. By using quality keywording that includes your business’ primary services and the locations that you service within the readable text and titles of your site and in the behind the scenes coding, you will be more likely to show up in search results of Google queries by real, local customers.

Video Introduction

Video is an absolute must for any small business. Don’t run off thinking that you will be paying thousands of dollars for scripts and cinematography, online video can be done quite inexpensively while maintaining great quality. Most importantly you want a video hosted on various video sites, including YouTube, which is owned by Google. Relevant video search results will show up at the top page one search results on Google, which means if your video is properly optimized and tagged, it will be the first thing people see when searching for your product or service.

Mobile App

In order to maintain communication with your current and former customers, as well as those interested in using your services for the first time, a mobile app is an invaluable tool. By using a custom mobile app for your business you will be able to send push notifications, allow users to participate in referral programs, earn loyalty rewards and much more. Engaging with your customers through your app will enhance their experience with your business!


Not everything good in life is free, as in the case with Google AdWords. This unique tool allows you to purchase advertising on a per-click basis. The ads appear as search results at the top of page one queries on Google, so even a non-click leaves an impression, and that is free! AdWords is an affordable and effective advertising tool when properly managed so it is imperative that you allow an AdWords expert to handle your paid campaigns to maximize efficiency and ROI.

If you’re trying to grow your business’ online presence in order to boost offline sales there are many avenues that need to be covered. When you work with the highly proficient team of hyper-local web presence experts at MORBiZ you can rest easy knowing your business’ online identity is in good hands. Our dedicated team handles your website, adwords campaign, video distribution, custom mobile app and we partake in your social media efforts for an extra boost! To learn more about how we can help you grow your business with enhanced online presence call 1-855-266-7249 to speak with a friendly representative today.

By jayg 31 Jul, 2017

While billboards and newspaper ads will catch an eye here and there, if your business in not online - correction, if your business’ online presence isn’t strong, you will miss out on customers. Today nearly everyone searches for local products and services online, and as much as 50 percent of those people will visit a physical store or office they find on the web within one day. That’s some quick turnaround, but it is should come as no surprise when dealing with the now generation. So while you may have signed up for a groovy website in the dot com era, chances are it hasn’t been pulling its weight for ages. To make sure you business is easily found online you need to invest in hyper-local content and optimization. Utilizing a professional web marketing agency will likely be in your best interest, especially if the the following sounds like alphabet soup. Without further introduction, here are three keys to hyper-local online success.

Excellent onsite SEO

Not only do you need a website, you need a good website. What does that mean? A good, no great, website is one that is easy to navigate, responsive to screen size and enhanced with a localized search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. SEO entails using quality keywords in the visible text, names of photographs and images, in the titles, page names, and tags on any given website. Since Google and other search engines scour over all aspects of a page when seeking the best results for a search query your site needs to cover all its bases, in front of and behind the scenes.

Targeted Adwords Campaign

Google AdWords is a powerful paid advertising tool that will help to all but guarantee your business will show up at the top of search results, when it is properly managed that is. AdWords allows you to target very certain areas for your ads to appear in, from a whole state, to a county, city, small town or even a single neighborhood.

Connect with Social Media

Regular communication with your current, past and potential client base is a great way to get people to come back or give you a try for the first time. A healthy social media presence includes regular posts that with helpful information about your products and services. You can also respond directly to your customers’ questions, comments and concerns. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages also provide a platform to distribute searchable material that can show up in Google search results. What you share and how it is typed is critical to it being relevant to search engines.

It’s called the World Wide Web, but it is an amazing tool to connect locally. If you want to enhance your business’ local web presence reach out to our highly experienced team at MORBiZ. We offer numerous tools to help your business grow online and off. Give us a call at

1-855-266-7249 and let’s put your business on the fast track to online success.

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