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Using the latest technology, proven techniques, quality content and in depth research, we offer high value, hyper-local Internet marketing and custom mobile app solutions.

MORBiZ is a Google Certified, full service internet marketing company that delivers customers to local small and medium sized businesses. We launch custom online marketing campaigns that mix the best mobile and web-based tools available today including lead generating responsive websites, pay-per-click advertising, local *SEO, social media integration, video marketing and a variety of other outstanding products.

As a Google Qualified Partner, we have have passed certifications in Google Adwords, mobile advertising,
display advertising and Google analytics. As a result we have direct access to Google training and support
and can help improve your overall web and mobile presence.

Partnering with MORBiZ is Partnering for Success.

The Google Partner badge shows that we’ve demonstrated advanced knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products that help us deliver results and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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Monthly News Articles

The Importance of Google+ Page Management

By jayg 08 May, 2017

In a time not long ago, seriously, just a few years ago, social media was a mysterious creature taking over the Internet. Now, it is the Internet. Yet many small and medium-sized businesses are still brushing it off, assuming it has no relevance to their day-to-day activities. "It's a tech thing," "It's pointless," "Facebook is for kids," these are actual attitudes of real business owners who are missing out on the glory of social.

Social media encompasses Facebook, Twitter, the ever-important and often underused Google+, and numerous other sites, but the aforementioned are the Internet's Big Three. These are the sites that are fighting for your business. Lucky for you, they're all free at the basic level, and that is a perfect level to be at. Using social media is critical to your business' overall online presence and it continually assists with your SEO, which means people will find you online and use your products and services offline. Here are four ways using social media will benefit your business.

Social Searches & Recommendations

People often use sites like Facebook to ask for recommendations from friends and use the search bar to look up local businesses. If you are not using social media you won't be a part of these important conversations and search results. The more present you are online, the better chance you have of being "checked in" at and getting a thumbs up.

Outsource Your Link Building

Your business website likely has a blog, or at least a page that gets updated regularly with discounts or special offers. While having a routinely updated blog itself is great, as this helps Google know your website is as active as ever, that piece of literature you just crafted may not be getting the buzz it deserves. By creating and using social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you will have a platform to distribute your new content. When you post a blog link on social media it invites people directly to your website. Not only will your followers see this blog that links to your website, but many of them may share or retweet it, giving a brand new audience an introduction to your business. If you write a piece that really heats up the Twittersphere you can count on your website getting a lot visits, which often translates into sales. Links shared by actual social media users also help search engines find relevance in your website, which boosts your search rankings. More on that below.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Social media pages and postings are indexed by search engines, meaning they can show up in search results. To ensure they do it is important to use keywords when writing your social media biographies. Linking from your website to your social channels also helps search engines find relevant information about your business, again helping to boost your search ranking. This is exceptionally true when linking from your website to your Google+ page, as a large majority of Internet searches are done on Google and Google loves it when you use their products. As mentioned, the more that content which links to your website is shared, the better chance is has of helping your website show up in search results.

By jayg 10 Apr, 2017

Nearly one-third of the time people spend online involves watching video. Granted, a large portion of that is of baby goats and kittens, but many other people are engaging with videos about local businesses while they are searching for products and services they need everyday. If you've yet to dive into video marketing you're not connecting with hundreds or even thousands of potential local customers. With video more affordable than ever, now is the time to take advantages of these amazing video marketing benefits.

Higher Google search results

Google sees as much as 70 percent of all online searches and since Google owns YouTube, their search results prioritize websites that have a YouTube embedded video. Some studies show that a website is 53 times more likely to show up as the first result on Google if it has an embedded video.

Off page SEO

When properly uploaded and distributed through a variety of video hosting sites your business' video introduction becomes a key piece of off page SEO. A properly uploaded video includes a well written and keyword rich title and description, as well as tags, which helps search engines index your video so people see it when looking for your services online.

Spend more time on page

In many cases people will leave a website without spending more than 15 seconds on a page. This is because they're searching for easy, direct answers about a business, which is exactly what video provides. A website that offers a video introduction could see visitors stay as much as 88 percent longer than on a page that does not.

Engagement & Clarity

Not only will the video encourage people to spend more time on your website but they will also engage with the page. After watching your video they're more likely to visit pages, other than your site's homepage, in order to discover more about your products and services because they'll feel more connected to your business. You don't need special effects and puppies to make an engaging video, just honestly, great imagery and a clear description of your business.

Proven to increase sales

All of the above, the increased time on the page, the engagement, the heightened search results, all translate into increased sales for your business. Providing a video introduction of your SMB allows people to better understand what you do and sell, making them as much as 74 percent more likely to use your products or services.<br><br>

Video isn't the future, it's now! Missing out on video means you're missing out on customers. To learn more about the benefits of video marketing or to create an affordable marketing video of your own get in touch with the leading web marketing experts at Morbiz. We offer extensive Internet marketing tools that are designed to engage with potential customers that live in your community. We work hard to boost your business' recognition. Call Morbiz at (855) 266-7249 to get started on your Internet marketing video or to find out more about all of the other ways we can improve your business' web presence!

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