Why should I have a Mobile App?

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  • 10 Mar, 2017
These days, customers are often on-the-go when they seek out a particular business or service. When a customer turns to their phone and searches for your business, it’s of great consequence that you have a well-built mobile app. This could very well make the difference between a customer choosing you versus another local competitor. The app will build important connections between you and your clientele, and it can potentially help to keep you in better contact with your employees regarding current promotions and sales efforts. In today’s online world, you need to make sure that you optimize your presence in many arenas, and a mobile app is big step forward in that direction. Here’s a look at the top benefits of having a mobile app for your business.

Enhanced Customer Experience

There are a number of great ways that your mobile app will create a better online experience for your customers. For one, the app will have quick contact features, allowing clients to conveniently reach out to you through phone or email with just a single click. Additionally, this will provide hassle-free appointment making and easy-to-follow directions.

Customer Retention Using a Mobile App

To keep your customers coming back time after time, you have to innovate and incentivize. There are several ways that your mobile app can boost customer retention, including:

     Loyalty Rewards Programs - Your app can feature an electronic punch card, which will motivate you customers to return until the card is filled, at which point they’ll receive a significant perk. By having this on your app, your customer can’t lose it, and you know they’ll always have it with them.

     Push Notifications - A mobile business app will allow you to contact your customers en masse when you want to make an announcement. Your customers’ phones will buzz when the notification is sent out.

Attract New Customers with a Mobile App

Finding new clients is a never-ending pursuit, and having a mobile app will provide you a valuable tool in building up your customer base.

    Referral Programs - On your app you can feature referral programs that reward current customers for bringing new ones into the fold.

    Special Offers - These exclusive deals will help to boost enticement and excitement for first-time customers.

If you’re interested in building your web presence for on-the-go customers, it’s best to consult an online marketing firm that specializes in mobile app construction. To create a mobile app for your business, contact Morbiz at (855) 266-7249. Feel free to call up a Morbiz representative today to start building a better online relationship with your on-the-go clientele!

The Importance of Google+ Page Management

By jayg 31 Jul, 2017

Your business takes place in the real world, but whether you’re in a garage, in the field or in the office, if you’re not taking advantage of these web presence tools your sales are missing out. Since nearly half of all searches for local goods and services that take place on Google result in a person actually visiting a brick and mortar location it is easy to understand why you need to build and maintain your online identity. Simply being online isn’t enough though. A basic website won’t get you the hits that will increase your bottom line, but when paired with the following web presence tactics, you’re sure to see an increase in traffic, online and off.

Optimized Business Website

First and foremost you need a highly optimized website. Search engine optimization (SEO) for your website will assist with its organic presence on the Internet. By using quality keywording that includes your business’ primary services and the locations that you service within the readable text and titles of your site and in the behind the scenes coding, you will be more likely to show up in search results of Google queries by real, local customers.

Video Introduction

Video is an absolute must for any small business. Don’t run off thinking that you will be paying thousands of dollars for scripts and cinematography, online video can be done quite inexpensively while maintaining great quality. Most importantly you want a video hosted on various video sites, including YouTube, which is owned by Google. Relevant video search results will show up at the top page one search results on Google, which means if your video is properly optimized and tagged, it will be the first thing people see when searching for your product or service.

Mobile App

In order to maintain communication with your current and former customers, as well as those interested in using your services for the first time, a mobile app is an invaluable tool. By using a custom mobile app for your business you will be able to send push notifications, allow users to participate in referral programs, earn loyalty rewards and much more. Engaging with your customers through your app will enhance their experience with your business!


Not everything good in life is free, as in the case with Google AdWords. This unique tool allows you to purchase advertising on a per-click basis. The ads appear as search results at the top of page one queries on Google, so even a non-click leaves an impression, and that is free! AdWords is an affordable and effective advertising tool when properly managed so it is imperative that you allow an AdWords expert to handle your paid campaigns to maximize efficiency and ROI.

If you’re trying to grow your business’ online presence in order to boost offline sales there are many avenues that need to be covered. When you work with the highly proficient team of hyper-local web presence experts at MORBiZ you can rest easy knowing your business’ online identity is in good hands. Our dedicated team handles your website, adwords campaign, video distribution, custom mobile app and we partake in your social media efforts for an extra boost! To learn more about how we can help you grow your business with enhanced online presence call 1-855-266-7249 to speak with a friendly representative today.

By jayg 31 Jul, 2017

While billboards and newspaper ads will catch an eye here and there, if your business in not online - correction, if your business’ online presence isn’t strong, you will miss out on customers. Today nearly everyone searches for local products and services online, and as much as 50 percent of those people will visit a physical store or office they find on the web within one day. That’s some quick turnaround, but it is should come as no surprise when dealing with the now generation. So while you may have signed up for a groovy website in the dot com era, chances are it hasn’t been pulling its weight for ages. To make sure you business is easily found online you need to invest in hyper-local content and optimization. Utilizing a professional web marketing agency will likely be in your best interest, especially if the the following sounds like alphabet soup. Without further introduction, here are three keys to hyper-local online success.

Excellent onsite SEO

Not only do you need a website, you need a good website. What does that mean? A good, no great, website is one that is easy to navigate, responsive to screen size and enhanced with a localized search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. SEO entails using quality keywords in the visible text, names of photographs and images, in the titles, page names, and tags on any given website. Since Google and other search engines scour over all aspects of a page when seeking the best results for a search query your site needs to cover all its bases, in front of and behind the scenes.

Targeted Adwords Campaign

Google AdWords is a powerful paid advertising tool that will help to all but guarantee your business will show up at the top of search results, when it is properly managed that is. AdWords allows you to target very certain areas for your ads to appear in, from a whole state, to a county, city, small town or even a single neighborhood.

Connect with Social Media

Regular communication with your current, past and potential client base is a great way to get people to come back or give you a try for the first time. A healthy social media presence includes regular posts that with helpful information about your products and services. You can also respond directly to your customers’ questions, comments and concerns. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages also provide a platform to distribute searchable material that can show up in Google search results. What you share and how it is typed is critical to it being relevant to search engines.

It’s called the World Wide Web, but it is an amazing tool to connect locally. If you want to enhance your business’ local web presence reach out to our highly experienced team at MORBiZ. We offer numerous tools to help your business grow online and off. Give us a call at

1-855-266-7249 and let’s put your business on the fast track to online success.

By jayg 30 Jun, 2017

To be straight, if your small business does not have a mobile app, you need to get one right away. Don’t worry though, it is much more affordable than you could possible imagine. OK, now that you know you need one, on to the ever important why. SImply put, just having a web presence, as in a website, isn’t going to provide the traffic you desire as more and more people turn to mobile for all their online activity. Smartphone apps are an increasingly important tool for all types of small businesses, just check out these reasons why you can’t skip the app.

Rise in Mobile Usage

As mentioned, online activity is rapidly shifting to mobile and away from desktops and even laptop computers. Recent studies show that nearly 75 percent of American smartphone users check their device at least once an hour and nearly 90 percent of the time a person is on their phone, they’re using an app. That’s time they could be spending on your app, if your business had one!

Instant Contact

Apps ensure that you are always in reach to your customer. Quick contact features, such as one touch calling, texting or emailing, allows your customers to get a hold of you in the method they find easiest, and fast.

Delivery of Push Notifications

In order to increase engagement your app can send push notifications. This could equate to a person receiving a text message, but from your business through your app. You can use it to inform customers of upcoming specials and sales, let them know a change in hours, or give them a heads up about a new product or service you are offering. Just be sure not to over do it with the push notifications, as too many could cause people to turn them off.

Loyalty Programs & Coupons

Other features of mobile apps that keep people coming back include referral programs, loyalty programs and coupons. Everybody loves to save money, and your app is a vehicle in which your customers can do just that!

The time and cost of app development is often what scares many SMB owners. Thankfully there are simple, affordable solutions to your business’ needs. MORBiZ offers exciting, rewarding custom mobile apps for SMBs. You will soon be live on Apple and Android products, as well as other brands. Your mobile app doesn’t have to compliment your website, it can outshine it! Give MORBiZ a call at 1-855-266-7249 to start designing your custom mobile app or to learn more about our extensive web presence services .

By jayg 30 Jun, 2017

The web has come a long, long way in the past 20 years, even the past five really. In the dotcom era it seemed a basic website with some flashy graphics would get anyone to buy just about anything. Hey, if it’s on the Internet, it must be true, right? Not so much anymore. For your small or medium sized business your website is often the first place potential customers will begin to interact with your company. When someone has a problem they don’t have the solution for, such as car trouble, they’ll turn to the Internet for help. The Internet, let’s just say Google, on the other hand, will point them to you, assuming your website it properly developed and cared for. Let’s go through the process of being a potential problem solver to a well-reviewed job well done.

It gets you found

It takes more than just a website to be found in Google search. Your website needs to be functional, responsive (meaning it adapts to the screen size of the device it is being viewed on) and well written. Bonus points for setting up a Google Adwords account. Search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be completed throughout the website to ensure every available route to your website is opened. This is done in content and behind the scenes in tags and metadata, which is handled by the builder of the site.

It educates your existing and potential customers

The content on your website needs to provide quick, clean answers to the viewer’s questions. Can you solve their problem? That is really what they are there to find out. The content should detail your services and products in a clear manner, giving direct information. Your main products and services should also be the website’s page names.

It builds trust

A properly functioning website is key to building trust. Not only will the viewer be reading about your services, but they’ll be bouncing between pages and likely on and off your site. If it fails to load or has other glitches, you can kiss that sale goodbye.

It helps them connect

While it may seem easier for someone to pick up the phone and call you, they’ll likely need to visit your website to get the contact information. However, not everyone enjoys talking on the phone so you should offer alternative methods of communication, such as a chat or an email contact form. The former allows you to obtain their email address, giving you the opportunity to reach out via newsletter in the future.

It is a means of conversion

On many SMB websites a conversion isn’t always a direct sale but instead a phone call or an email. This gets that customer in direct contact with you, allowing you to close the deal!

Before anyone even steps outside their house they will have already done plenty of research on local businesses that can solve their current dilemmas. Does your website answer their call? It certainly will if you leave your business website development to the experts at MORBiZ. Our team can handle all aspects of your online presence, from your Google Adwords campaign to Facebook and Twitter, not to mention your gorgeous new website and even a handy mobile app. To learn more about how MORBiZ can help you thrive in the online world in order to make sales in the real world give us a call at 1-855-266-7249. We look forward to being your SMB web marketing team.

By jayg 30 May, 2017

You bought the domain name, wrote some content and launched your site, but have you ever thought, “What is my website doing for my business?” after you went live? Even if your website is beautiful and informative, it isn't going to necessarily help you build your customer base without consistent time and energy. In addition to your current website, or in substitution of it, consider a marketing driven site, as the focus offers so much more than a general build. It's obvious that you want to increase sales, so here's how a marketing website can do that for your small or medium sized business.

Integrated Adwords Campaigns

One of the most important aspects of online marketing in our digital age is taking advantage of Google adwords. Running a market drive website with connected to a Google adwords campaign is going to land you at the top of search results in advertised spots, as well as organic listings.

Set Marketing Budget

When enlisting the help of a hyper local web advertising company you can identify exactly what your monthly or weekly budget will be, ensuring to extra costs. When your campaign is ran by a certified adwords professional you won't have to worry about overspending and you can rest assured you'll be getting great results.

Enhanced SEO

Being found in organic search results is incredibly important. A marketing website will have content crafted by a professional writer who will ensure the most favored search terms are included regularly throughout your site, driving your business to the top of search results. During the website build all metadata and tags will be appropriately cared for, providing even better opportunity to be found. By adding links to social media channels and other outside domains, your current and potential customers will find you without difficulty thanks to your enhanced web presence.

Responsive Website Design

More than half of all web searches are done on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, but if your website doesn't fit your customers' screens, they're going to look somewhere else. A marketing website is built to be responsive, meaning it adapts to any screen size for the ultimate user experience. A custom mobile app could also be included in your marketing website package, taking your efforts one step further.

Consistent, New Content

A marketing website built and hosted by an online marketing specialist will receive regular content updates, often through a blog. This keeps your website fresh, giving Google and other search engines reason to continuously index your site, making sure it's being found. The fresh content will also be shared on your social channels, driving customers directly to your site with fun, informative information.

Your website should be a tool that drives business to your storefront, not something that seems to be a hassle. To learn more about building a marketing website reach out to the friendly professionals at MORBiZ. We offer many solutions to increase your web presence and grow your bottom line through online marketing . Give us a call at 1-855-2MORBIZ to request a free web and mobile business presence evaluation, and we'll figure out which tools are right for your needs.

By jayg 30 May, 2017

Paid online advertising works great, when it is properly managed. The most common form of Internet advertising is pay-per-click, which only costs the business when ads displayed in search results from Google and related sites are clicked on. Seems like a great deal, doesn't it? Well, It can cost your business a whole lot more than a missed sale if the campaigns are setup incorrectly, as there are variables including bidding costs for ads to display, keywords and more. Google adwords is a monstrous tool, used by all types of businesses, big and small, around the world to drive traffic to their websites. No matter your location, or your business type, you'll want an adwords professional at the keyboard when it comes to your PPC campaigns in order to minimize advertising waste. Here are six ways a well managed adwords campaign will save advertising money.

Identifying the Right Keywords & Keyword Types

When it comes to adwords, creativity isn't necessarily king. Adwords offers a limited space in order to get a sales pitch across, and those few words needs to offer the information necessary to get a user to click on your ad. An adwords pro will have access to unique tools that will help identify the most searched for terms surrounding your business' products and services, in relation to your city or neighborhood. While the right keywords are incredibly important so are keyword types, in Google this includes broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match and exact match. How you advertise will affect how well your ads do in terms of impressions, clicks and conversions. Figuring out which type of keyword to use is best left to a pro, or your clicks could skyrocket, which cost money, but minimal, if any, conversions will follow.

In addition to figuring out which keywords are best for attracting customers, you'll need to identify the negative keywords that shouldn't be displayed with your ads to prevent unwanted spend. Not using the negative keyword function can cost a business hundreds of dollars or more per month. In one campaign a business was able to reduce the cost per click (CPC) by 25% by utilizing negative keywords.

Optimizing Quality Scores

Every ad created in Google AdWords is given a quality score of one to ten. Ads that receive higher scores will generally appear more often and have a lower CPC. There are numerous things that affect an ad's quality score, including ad copy relevance, keyword relevance, click-thru rate, historical performance and more. The goal is to raise the quality score of all your ads, so they will be more effective. A seasoned adwords expert can do this by completing a number of complicated processes, such as split testing, landing page optimization and keyword matching.

Ad Testing & Revising

The thing about adwords is that it can be changed at any given time in order to keep up with current marketing practices, popular keywords and more. Of course, even if you're just getting started you would want to create superior ads right off the bat. By creating multiple ads that use different headlines and phrasing and monitoring their success, an adwords expert can effectively pinpoint what works and what doesn't for your business.

Adwords Location Targeting

Online advertising is not just for Internet based retailers. If you run a brick and mortar business your ultimate mission is to get people through the door, and an adwords campaign can absolutely do that. Through a combination of geo targeting, landing page optimization and analytical review an adwords pro can eliminate clicks from out of your service area and drive business right to your front door.

Advertising Budgeting

Chances are, if you're reading this you are looking for ways to more effectively manage your advertising budget. When improperly set up or left unmonitored for an extended period of time an adwords campaign you thought was costing you $3 per day may end up costing you $20 per day or more. While there are spending cap options, this isn't always the most effective way to budget your advertising dollars. A properly managed adword campaign, which includes setting conservative advertising bids, can remain well within your budget and produce an outstanding ROI.

Decreases Offline Advertising Needs

Let's face it, phone books, radio and TV spots, billboards, newspaper ads and so on and so forth are quickly falling by the wayside. When somebody wants something, they turn to Google. Launching a successful adwords campaign could increase your sales in such a way you'll likely be able to eliminate many outdated advertising practices that have a much smaller ROI, if it has any at all.

Excellent Google AdWords campaign management is your golden ticket to reduce advertising waste. MORBiZ, a Google Certified Partner, provides high quality adwords campaign management as a part of their all inclusive web presence campaigns for local businesses throughout the country. Using tailored marketing solutions to fit your business' needs, MORBiZ drives customers right to your front door. Give MORBiZ a call at 1-855-2MORBIZ for a free web and mobile business presence evaluation and to learn more about how we can help you save money on advertising costs.

By jayg 08 May, 2017

In a time not long ago, seriously, just a few years ago, social media was a mysterious creature taking over the Internet. Now, it is the Internet. Yet many small and medium-sized businesses are still brushing it off, assuming it has no relevance to their day-to-day activities. "It's a tech thing," "It's pointless," "Facebook is for kids," these are actual attitudes of real business owners who are missing out on the glory of social.

Social media encompasses Facebook, Twitter, the ever-important and often underused Google+, and numerous other sites, but the aforementioned are the Internet's Big Three. These are the sites that are fighting for your business. Lucky for you, they're all free at the basic level, and that is a perfect level to be at. Using social media is critical to your business' overall online presence and it continually assists with your SEO, which means people will find you online and use your products and services offline. Here are four ways using social media will benefit your business.

Social Searches & Recommendations

People often use sites like Facebook to ask for recommendations from friends and use the search bar to look up local businesses. If you are not using social media you won't be a part of these important conversations and search results. The more present you are online, the better chance you have of being "checked in" at and getting a thumbs up.

Outsource Your Link Building

Your business website likely has a blog, or at least a page that gets updated regularly with discounts or special offers. While having a routinely updated blog itself is great, as this helps Google know your website is as active as ever, that piece of literature you just crafted may not be getting the buzz it deserves. By creating and using social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you will have a platform to distribute your new content. When you post a blog link on social media it invites people directly to your website. Not only will your followers see this blog that links to your website, but many of them may share or retweet it, giving a brand new audience an introduction to your business. If you write a piece that really heats up the Twittersphere you can count on your website getting a lot visits, which often translates into sales. Links shared by actual social media users also help search engines find relevance in your website, which boosts your search rankings. More on that below.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Social media pages and postings are indexed by search engines, meaning they can show up in search results. To ensure they do it is important to use keywords when writing your social media biographies. Linking from your website to your social channels also helps search engines find relevant information about your business, again helping to boost your search ranking. This is exceptionally true when linking from your website to your Google+ page, as a large majority of Internet searches are done on Google and Google loves it when you use their products. As mentioned, the more that content which links to your website is shared, the better chance is has of helping your website show up in search results.

By jayg 10 Apr, 2017

Nearly one-third of the time people spend online involves watching video. Granted, a large portion of that is of baby goats and kittens, but many other people are engaging with videos about local businesses while they are searching for products and services they need everyday. If you've yet to dive into video marketing you're not connecting with hundreds or even thousands of potential local customers. With video more affordable than ever, now is the time to take advantages of these amazing video marketing benefits.

Higher Google search results

Google sees as much as 70 percent of all online searches and since Google owns YouTube, their search results prioritize websites that have a YouTube embedded video. Some studies show that a website is 53 times more likely to show up as the first result on Google if it has an embedded video.

Off page SEO

When properly uploaded and distributed through a variety of video hosting sites your business' video introduction becomes a key piece of off page SEO. A properly uploaded video includes a well written and keyword rich title and description, as well as tags, which helps search engines index your video so people see it when looking for your services online.

Spend more time on page

In many cases people will leave a website without spending more than 15 seconds on a page. This is because they're searching for easy, direct answers about a business, which is exactly what video provides. A website that offers a video introduction could see visitors stay as much as 88 percent longer than on a page that does not.

Engagement & Clarity

Not only will the video encourage people to spend more time on your website but they will also engage with the page. After watching your video they're more likely to visit pages, other than your site's homepage, in order to discover more about your products and services because they'll feel more connected to your business. You don't need special effects and puppies to make an engaging video, just honestly, great imagery and a clear description of your business.

Proven to increase sales

All of the above, the increased time on the page, the engagement, the heightened search results, all translate into increased sales for your business. Providing a video introduction of your SMB allows people to better understand what you do and sell, making them as much as 74 percent more likely to use your products or services.<br><br>

Video isn't the future, it's now! Missing out on video means you're missing out on customers. To learn more about the benefits of video marketing or to create an affordable marketing video of your own get in touch with the leading web marketing experts at Morbiz. We offer extensive Internet marketing tools that are designed to engage with potential customers that live in your community. We work hard to boost your business' recognition. Call Morbiz at (855) 266-7249 to get started on your Internet marketing video or to find out more about all of the other ways we can improve your business' web presence!

By jayg 10 Apr, 2017

You may think you have your bases covered if you've got a website, Facebook and Twitter for your small or medium sized business, but if you're neglecting Google+ (Google Plus), you're really missing out on some prime opportunities. While simply signing up for Google's social network is beneficial in its own right, actually using it, and using it right, can send your business straight to the top, helping you be found by people in your community searching for the services you offer. With more than 343 million active users, Google+ falls quite short of Facebook's total users, but nearly 75 million more people use G+ than Twitter on a regular basis. In order to reach millions of potential customers you may otherwise miss you need to be active on your business' G+. Letting a marketing professional handle your G+ management is a surefire way to unlock all of the benefits of Google+  in order to see heightened results, as they will utilize quality content to help more people find your business in multiple ways.

Higher organic search results

Google loves it when you use their own tools. As an active and verified Google+ member Google will automatically list your business higher in search results. With nearly 70 percent of all Internet searches conducted on Google, signing up for and using G+ is the simplest way to increase your search ranking.

Increased off page SEO

It is crucial that your website is search engine optimized (SEO) to help boost your rankings in search results on all search engines, but an active Google+ page can assist with off page SEO. Off page SEO is optimized content that isn't on your website, but directs people to it. Anything that is posted on your Google+ business page is immediately indexed by Google, meaning that particular content can be found in search results, even if the website itself isn't. This is great, especially if you're letting an Internet marketing team handle your G+, as they will fill your page with valuable content and links to your business' website, putting more customers at your doorstep.

Encourage reviews

Reviews, reviews, reviews. In the age of the Internet, they seem to mean more than anything, even "Best Of" awards from local and regional organizations. Google will look at your site's reviews and +1s, the Google version of the "Like," to assist with search rankings. Your G+ manager will encourage your customers to leave positive reviews, helping you to show higher in Google search results.

Increased local results

As a business that relies on customers walking through the door it is crucial that you show up in local search results. An active and verified Google+ page includes address verification, which allows Google to know your location and point people in your area to your business when searching for the services you provide.

Simply put, if you're not using Google+, your business is missing out. To learn more about the benefits of G+ page management by an expert web marketing team get in touch with Morbiz. We offer numerous tools, including G+ management, to heighten your business' web presence and increase your bottom line. Give the friendly and knowledgeable Morbiz team a call at (855) 266-7249 to get started with your professional Internet marketing campaign.

By _dm_templates 13 Mar, 2017

Launching a Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is one of the best ways to get your small business the online exposure that it needs to thrive. As part of this campaign, you will only pay for the amount of traffic that your site actually gets, based on the individual clicks that the ad receives. In today’s advertising climate, it is crucial that you have an effective strategy for maximizing your online visibility. In this realm, PPC campaigns have become a top choice for small business owners across the nation for a number of reasons. Here’s a look at the major benefits of a Google PPC campaign.

Target Specific Audience

A PPC campaign will afford you the opportunity to reach exactly the type of clientele that is likely to need your services. Through keywords and target demographics, including age and location, you’ll have control over the types of Google searches that will result in your website appearing as one of the top results. This is particularly important for localized searches, as you want to be sure that your site is fully visible to those living in your community.

User-Friendly Analytics

Through your Google PPC campaign, you’ll be able to easily measure the benefits that it is providing you. You’ll be able to see the number of clicks that you’re receiving, and measure this against the profit that the campaign is generating.

Customized Budgeting

There are no restrictions on how much or how little you can spend on your campaign. You’ll decide how much you want to pay for each click and how much to invest in a particular ad campaign.  Once you’ve launched your Google PPC ads, you’ll be able to clearly see your return on the investment, and then subsequently determine the best path forward in regard to your advertising budget.

Instant Impact

Upon completion of building out a Google Adwords campaign, your ads will immediately start showing on Google Search.  This will get you the immediate exposure that you want, and the instant results that you need. With more and more companies launching pay-per-click campaigns, you don’t want your business to fall behind.

If you’re interested in Google PPC advertising it is best to consult with an online marketing expert that can help you optimize your campaign. For PPC campaign optimization, contact Morbiz at (855) 266-7249. Feel free to call a Morbiz representative today so you can develop the best strategy for maximizing your online exposure!

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